Eaton 5E – UPS – 480 Watt – 850 VA Specs


EATON 5E Series has an excellent price-to-performance ratio and includes power models ranging from 500VA to 2000VA. It has a Voltage Stabiliser (AVR) for optimal voltage stabilisation, Built-in USB communication port with free EATON UPS Companion control for energy and cost savings, UPS configuration management and secure system shutdown, RJ-11port for internet / tel / Fax, lightning protection, overloads, spikes, and short cir

This line-interactive backup power supply provides protection against power outages and impaired input quality. The automatic voltage control with interactive technology ensures that it compensates for high and low input voltages without the need for battery intervention. This secures your device and the data stored on it. It fits well alongside PCs, powerful workstations, and NAS servers, but also as a backup for active network elements where data could be lost during transmission. Due to its small size, installation of the UPS 5E is easy, even in confined spaces. The backup source will inform you of any change via the USB communication interface. The EATON 5E USB UPS is also equipped with line over-voltage protection.

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5E – UPS – 480 Watt – 850 VA Specs


Black, APC

Power Capacity

480 Watt / 850 VA

Output Voltage


Recharge Time

6 hour(s)


Multi-function LCD status and control console