Kaspersky Internet Security 1 Device


  • Kaspersky Internet Security , 1 Device includes antivirus and firewall to protect your devices from viruses, attacks and malware
  • Your code will be delivered by post in a Kaspersky Frustration Free Pack with detailed instructions for installing the product The manufacturer does not produce any CD/DVD/Flash drive for this product
  • Helps you protect your PC, Mac and Android phones and tablets
  • Secure Connection gives you privacy via Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology
  • Protects you against viruses, attacks, fraud, spyware, cybercrime and more
  • Protects your privacy – by blocking phishing, tracking and spying
  • Adds an extra layer of security for online shopping and banking

Online Security
Internet Security 2019 helps protect you from viruses, ransomware, spyware, phishing, dangerous websites, spam, banner advertisements on Windows PCs, and more.
Windows PC, Mac, and Mobile Protection
Whether you’re on your laptop, desktop, or Android mobile, Internet Security 2019 can help you stay safe. Also, if your Android tablet or phone is lost or stolen, Internet Security can help you lock it, wipe it, and find it.
Privacy Protection
Whenever you go online, Internet Security 2019 helps protect your personal data, communications, and identity. If you’re on a Mac or Windows PC, Internet Security is designed to prevent trackers watching what you do online, while helping to stop your webcam being used to spy on you.
Secured Connection
Internet Security allows you to access more websites and content, including sites that are outside your region. When you connect to the internet over an unsafe connection, Internet Security’s technologies automatically guard against threats, even if you’re on public Wi-Fi. Internet Security can protect 200MB of traffic per day, per device, or 300MB per day, per device if you register the service to your My Kaspersky account. The service automatically connects you to a fast server that’s close to the territory you’re in. Unlimited traffic and the option to select the territory of the server you connect to are available for an additional charge.
Safe Shopping
Whenever you visit a bank’s or retailer’s website on your Mac or Windows PC, Internet Security automatically adds extra layers of security.
Security for Kids
Parental control features make it easy to protect your kids when they go online using a Mac or Windows PC. You can manage their app downloads, block the disclosure of personal information, and prevent access to games and inappropriate web content.


License Devices

1 PC

OS (Supported)

Windows OS